Anne’s thrillers are loosely inspired by real events. For other authors concerned about libel and defamation in their work, here is a list of sources that may be helpful.

Libel Law for Fiction Writers

Libel is a published statement of fact about an identifiable person that causes irreparable harm and is made with malice or negligence.

Here are resources to guide you in using real people and events in your fiction. Ask a lawyer’s advice if you have complex questions about your work.

An attorney writes this fairly down-to-earth guide. “How to Use Real People in Your Writing Without Ending Up in Court

I liked this humorous article by a non-lawyer writer. “Real people unreal worlds”

Here is a more lengthy discussion of issues involving libel. Ask a Lawyer Series

Writer’s Digest advises memoirists on libel, but fiction writers also can glean useful tips. “A Writer’s Guide to Defamation…”

Can you use historical figures in your fiction?

Are you an Author’s Guild member? Its yearly membership fee gives you a wide variety of legal information about publishing, including libel, in its online Authors Guild Desk Reference

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